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16 Oct 2011 6:15 PM | Anonymous
ArbClimber is a new quarterly magazine for climbing arborists out in November. This is a full colour, techniques and equipment printed magazine based on the style and format of our only other magazine TECHNICALRESCUE which we have been publishing for 20 years and which is the world's leading exponent of technical rope-related editorial.
ArbClimber is based in the UK and USA with truly international editorial from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Every issue includes:
  • Gear Reviews on rope, ascenders, descenders, pulleys, harnesses, webbing, complete systems,   chainsaws, handsaws, knives & tools, boots, helmets and clothing 
  • Gear Spotlights  are more detailed instructional articles on specific equipment
  • Market Guides to entire ranges of equipment with all the spec, prices and contacts,
  • Back to Back comparisons. These are subjective and objective and are usually a trio of equipment but may be more. A series on Multitools starts in issue 1 with climbing rope in issue 2 
  • Chainsaw Techniques and Maintenance 
  • Aerial Rescue and First Aid looks at specific scenarios and how to deal with them 
  • Arb News from around the world
  • Competition Reports not for everyone but with some top competitors on our editorial team we'll be sure to keep in touch with all the main events 
  • Climbing and Rigging Techniques from beginner to expert - a key part of ArbClimber editorial
  • Research/Equipment Testing relevant to arborists and beginning with ascenders and carabiners
  • Dendrology relevant stuff about the trees themselves, weights and strengths,how they react to maintenance, felling, remedial measures, pests etc.
ArbClimber is written in a down-to-earth style aimed at you the workers and how things are in the real world when not being interfered with by officialdom! We present articles with plenty of diagrams, big picture spreads and explanatory photos so that ArbClimber is easy on the eye even if it's occasionally not easy on the brain! What's more, if you subscribe now you get a free ISC Gator bent-gate snap carabiner for easy clipping of gear to your harness (see picture in the attached ArbClimber Flyer).

 Market Guide to Arborists Harnesses - details on more than 45 of the best
Aerial Rescue - Jo Hedger and Ade Scott look at arborist versus emergency services response
Twin Rope Techniques with Jeff Jepson
Kev Bingham explains how to use the Wrench
Thomas Arminor on Single-handed chainsaw use Tobe Sherrill and his team help explain Friction Savers
Gear Reviews include the DMM Impact Block, hopefully a Husky top-handle  we can't mention yet
and Haix shorter style chainsaw boots (all subject to change)
If we get the time and space we may also get a new chainsaw helmet in and a research article on camming devices or carabiners
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